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Areas of Practice

Trademark Watch Services


A service mark or service mark is a trademark. used to recognize the service rendered by the service provider to public. For instance service rendered by Hotels, Insurance companies, Educational Institutions, airlines, Bank sectors, Service rendered in Constructions, Software developments. Etc.

The following are the services provided by us in the field of Trade Marks & Service Marks:

Providing of Trademark searches.

  • Filing , prosecuting trademark and service mark applications and obtaining registrations.
  • Prosecuting trademark and service mark applications and obtaining Trademark registrations internationally with the cooperation of our foreign associates. Infringement and validity opinion.
  • Litigation : opposition, rectification, appeals, criminal and civil suits for infringement and passing off before District Courts and before High Court. Assignment, Licensing and franchising.
  • Anti counterfeit action
  • Contesting opposition, appeals before appellate board (IPAB) has been constituted based in Chennai for speedy disposal of Appeals and rectification applications.

The Trade Marks Act, 1999, provide the protection of trade mark for a term of 10 years from the date of filing Trade Mark application

Trademark Watch Services

A trademark watch service is essential as it falls on trademark owners themselves to police their marks by ensuring that others do not register trademarks that are similar to theirs. Therefore, trademark watch services will identify applications for marks that you may want to consider opposing. Our trademark watching services allow trademark professionals to systematically uncover potential conflicts involving newly filed trademark applications in India. Trademark watching will assist you to detect the conflicting trademark applications, which are published, allowing you to file oppositions in time to stop third-party incursion. The aim of trade mark watching is to prevent the registration of new trade marks, which are identical to or very similar to trade marks that may infringe a company's existing trade marks, or registered trade marks